Alchemy Evenings

Embody Peace

lily Tuesday, October 16th at 7:00pm

Living and Loving From Within

When we Embody Peace, we move into a deeper level of connection and communication with our body. This connection, and place of peace can also bring the act of creation from simple imagination to an embodied and peaceful place within. Join Amelia to learn how to better discern what you truly desire, attract and create your ideal life.

Drawing on over thirty years of study and training in new age thought, wellness, Eastern and Christian spirituality, education, Anthroposophy, soul work, the natural world, fine art, and more, workshop creator and leader, Amelia Mitchell developed the concepts of Embody Peace and wishes to share them with you. This Alchemy Evening will include discussion as well as a guided meditation that will bring you to a more embodied and present place within. It is from this place that Amelia has found to deeper knowings, loving acceptance, and the ability to better vision and discern life, its joys and challenges.

Embody Peace also deeply honors our relationships with our bodies and how we move in the world. We will play with letting go of judgment, finding places of love and peace, all while deepening our own relationship with the body we were born in.

Amelia Mitchell, LMT

Amelia Mitchell is a licensed massage and lymph drainage therapist. She owns Alchemy Healing Arts Center in Annapolis, the home to her successful practice as well as a number of other talented therapists. She is a certified Healing From the Core Presenter with the Upledger Institute and has taught it and other workshops locally, at Anne Arundel Community College, and around the US and in Canada. Amelia brings a conscious and grounded presence, her sensitive, nurturing heart, and a loving playful spirit to all her work. Facilitating connection is one of Amelia's strongest skills. Whether it is one on one, deepening personal connection between body, mind, and spirit, or supporting group communication and connections, Amelia dives deeply and sensitvely into this healing work.

ĒAmelia is a patient, kind, and energetic teacher who puts a personal face on the material. She is very in tune with what she teaches.Ē

Alchemy Evenings

Alchemy Evenings are informal evening presentations and an opportunity to have a conversation about a subject of interest. Light refreshments will be served. Always free of charge, RSVPs are not required they are appreciated. 410-263-1272 or

Tea for Our Evenings

Lynayn Mielke

Our friend Lynayn Mielke from The Well Infused Life and the East West Tea Emporium will be choosing and brewing a special tea that will support and enhance the topic and experience of each Alchemy Evening. If you want to know more about the tea, arrive early and Lynayn will be happy to share the details. She will be available fro 6:45-7:00pm. The evening's program will begin at 7:00pm.

Please join us, and encourage interested friends and family to come also.

Upcoming Alchemy Evenings

Catherine Whelan

The Gut Brain Connection,
    A CranioSacral Perspective

With Catherine Whelan
Tuesday, October 30th at 7:00pm

The Enteric Nervous System is a vast communication pathway between the belly and all its organs and the brain. Catherine has fascinating and very current information about how this system interacts with our whole body and deeply impacts our health and wellness.

Join us and learn more about how you can interact with this system and the surprising ways it can influence your life.

Catherine Whelan, BS, LMT, CST is an advanced level CranioSacral Therapist with her techniques level certification who joined Alchemy in 2017. She is Upledger trained and has excellent touch and communication skills. Twelve years of experience accompany Catherine to Alchemy, she started with a Kinesiology degree, followed that with some of the best training available at Boulder College of Massage, and she has continued her education at the highest levels in CranioSacral Therapy as well as Visceral Manipulation. Catherine is also a frequent teaching assistant and study group leader.

Health is a lifelong journey with an ebb and flow; the more gentle mindfulness we can bring to the journey, the more likely we are to succeed. Catherine understands the challenges and obstacles life can present and wants to help you succeed on your journey of conscious health and wellness.

Jackie Melsopp

The Magic and Mystery of Fascia

With Jackie Melsopp
Wednesday November 14th at 7:00pm

Jackie brings her delight and fascination with the fascial system of the body to light as she discusses both the anatomy and the energetic properties of fascia. Come learn more about your body, how it works, and why a knee injury might be comprimising movement in your shoulder. Jackie will share some hints and suggestions for those who experience pain or limited mobility.