The Ancient Healing Technique of ... Walking

 AT Trail with Azalea

When I read stories about the travesty and disadvantage to people who have to walk two miles, one-way, each day to just collect their drinking water or have to walk such and such a distance for some other basic necessity; there is something inside me that states very clearly this is not quite the tragedy it is being made out to be.

What is this assurance inside me that feels so strongly this is not some utter tragedy that some people in the world still have to walk distances every day just for their drinking water?

I know it is not that I am some calloused being that thinks there are some people who just don't deserve clean, fresh water to drink. I suspect it is because I am not keen on being Western-centric, or even more so American-centric, in my view of the whole world. And is there something more to it?

I have sat with this knowing in me for six years, or more, now. It arose again as I went out for a morning walk this AM. It's easily the first morning walk I've gone on in months.

Within the first 30 seconds, I felt the joy of movement and calming rhythm spread throughout my system. Within 2 minutes, I was relishing the beyond bursting, gorgeous azure hydrangea in the next block. The birds; robins, purple finches, house sparrows, mockingbirds, and more; were in full chorus. The air was just right on my skin and in my lungs, the sun was perfect on my body, the rhythms of nature flooded my soul. In less than ten minutes, I was transported to an entirely different universe.

In the last few minutes of my walk, I realized part of what that inner conviction was telling me. In less than 15 minutes, I had fixed and released all the tension of the last several months and in particular the hairiness and tortuous depths of the last few days in my life. With just a 15 minute walk, in my neighborhood, in the middle of a city!, I did all this.

The walk reconnected me with nature. It reconnected me with my body. Those simple 15 minutes reconnected me with the joys of life, of rhythm, of freedom to move, of sights and sounds to feast the senses. My muscles received new blood flow, fresh fluids flushed throughout my system, my brain was native-ly stimulated, my internal organs were gently massaged with the movement of my walking pace. I participated in one of the simplest and most available healing tools of all. I was connecting to a Truth and a Birthright, but also a Necessity, more ancient than I can fathom.

And thus I now understand why I find it OK, and beautiful even, that there are still people who have to walk two miles for fresh water. I tapped into an ancient understanding of the importance of movement and connection with our bodies and nature, on a daily basis. There is so much more that occurs for those people who walk two miles to fresh water; there is so much immersion in nature and the moment by moment process of living into and being in the journey of life.

We too can still access this ancient birthright. We can simply take a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood. While we may not have a goal of fetching fresh water for the family; it is the act of the walk that is the treasure. We are foolish to ignore this.

Blessings on those who still have the daily walk built in because they have some goal in it. May we be big enough, in our Westernization, in our Americanization, in our freedom, to not discard the treasure just because we no longer have the same goal.

About the Author

Alex J. Puma (Laura) is a state licenced and nationally certified massage therapist who specializes in CranioSacral Therapy. Laura's focus in her bodywork practice is the facilitation of the conscious connection and communication for an individual with the Inner Intelligence, our self-healing mechanism. She believes strongly that health on all levels is best accessed via conscious and compassionate connection on each level, e.g. physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vibrational/energetic. CranioSacral therapy is a light touch therapy that engages the natural healing ability of the body to clear imbalances resulting from stressors. In doing so, this therapy also alleviates pain and discomfort in the body.