Power of Choice

Herbs, supplements and good clean food are not economic engines for massive profit, pharmaceuticals are. Drugs are wonderful and life saving, and this article is about options and new/old ideas. As a culture we have gotten hooked on a quick-fix, give me a pill and make it better. Often it is the smaller, simpler choices that allow us to maintain our health.

It is so easy to choose to stop at a restaurant for dinner or drive somewhere that I can walk. I am being conscious of my choices and choose health when ever possible. Last night's dinner is a good example. Having been away all weekend, nothing was planned. I hadn't shopped, and a part of me just wanted to jump in the car and run out to a restaurant. Instead we had baked wild salmon with dill yogurt sauce, salad and brown rice noodles. Because I had enough food in the house to pull together a dinner, this was far healthier, less expensive and easier on the environment than going out.

I was tired. I wanted dinner. I am glad I took the time to cook.

These are small choices, made on a daily basis, to maintain wellness. I also use supplements, and herbs, to enhance health. It is not that I am anti-pharmaceutical. It is simply this, as we all have heard, "prevention is the best medicine."

I wish you all the blessings of a good dinner from whatever is in the freezer or the back of the fridge!

About the Author

Amelia Mitchell, LMT is a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist with additional certifications in Lymphedema treatment and Pre-Natal massage. Using Therapeutic Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy as developed by Bruno Chikly MD, DO of the Upledger Institute, Amelia supports her clients as they shift to enhanced wellness. She specializes in recovery from injuries, trauma and illness. Amelia brings her warm heart and a firm trust that we are all healthy and can feel better to each session. Amelia is a practitioner and owner at Alchemy Healing Arts Center in Annapolis, Maryland.