Enhance the Health of your Lymphatic System

It's my specialty, so I spend time with lots of lymphatic systems, which often invites the question, "What can I do to enhance Lymphatic health?" It is such an important and overlooked system, let me share some tips that will enhance your overall health as well as your immune system function.

First though, please pause for a moment and simply take a couple of deep breaths. Let your chest move, breathe deeply into your belly.

You did it- you have just taken a simple step to enhance the health of your lymphatic/immune system - all with a couple of deep breaths.

  • Improve your diet - eat clean and organic whenever possible.
  • Look into the possibilities of food and environmental allergies and seek treatment if found.
  • Quality supplements, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes can make a world of difference.
  • Drink More Water, really, more. of your weight in ounces. Your lymphatic stream needs a good supply of pure clean water to be free flowing.
  • Movement
    • Walking is a wonderful exercise and especially works the muscle of your calves, the soleus is a major lymphatic pump for fluid leaving your legs.
    • Rebound - just 5-10 minutes a day really gets your lymph system going. All those little random movements spurs the movement of lymph all over your body.
    • Sweating is good - whether with exercise or a steambath or sauna - (infrared are my favorite) sweating cleanses the body and supports the lymph system
  • Breathing - deep breathing stimulates lymph flow
  • Dry Brushing - is a very gentle stimulation of the skin, when done correctly - moving the skin towards the heart - it increases lymph flow. It is also great for the skin and very calming for many people.
  • Read my article - Tight Bra Syndrome, and please, if you are home - Take your bra off!

A final recommendation:
Quote from Marcelle Pick, MD - "Consider regular visits to a lymph drainage massage therapist. This is a wonderful and healthy way to pamper yourself (and your internal organs). This is especially invaluable during a cleanse." To read more visit Dr. Pick's detailed article about the lymphatic system and its health.

About the Author

Amelia Mitchell, LMT is a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist with additional certifications in Lymphedema treatment and Pre-Natal massage. Using Therapeutic Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy as developed by Bruno Chikly MD, DO of the Upledger Institute, Amelia supports her clients as they shift to enhanced wellness. She specializes in recovery from injuries, trauma and illness. Amelia brings her warm heart and a firm trust that we are all healthy and can feel better to each session. Amelia is a practitioner and owner at Alchemy Healing Arts Center in Annapolis, Maryland.