Lotion vs. Cream for dry skin

During the winter months, our practice uses about 30-50% more massage cream. Why? Because everyone's skin is so dry!

If you have very dry skin, we would like to encourage you to use a cream moisturizer instead of something that is delivered via a pump. To make a lotion "pump-able" the makers must add a lot of water and other ingredients. That means that much of what you put on your hands simply evaporates away. During warmer months, this provides a cooling sensation, as well as quick absorption, because most of the lotion is water that evaporates and is not absorbed.

So, for the winter months, when it is so dry - get a cream, body butter or the like in a tube, tub, or a stick format. You will get a lot more of the good ingredients that soothe and protect your skin and really help your skin.

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About the Author

Amelia Mitchell, LMT is a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist with additional certifications in Lymphedema treatment and Pre-Natal massage. Using Therapeutic Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy as developed by Bruno Chikly MD, DO of the Upledger Institute, Amelia supports her clients as they shift to enhanced wellness. She specializes in recovery from injuries, trauma and illness. Amelia brings her warm heart and a firm trust that we are all healthy and can feel better to each session. Amelia is a practitioner and owner at Alchemy Healing Arts Center in Annapolis, Maryland.