The Perfect Gift ?

When is a massage/bodywork gift certificate the perfect gift, and when it is not?

Gift giving is a joy and sometimes a challenge. Gift certificates are often touted as the "perfect solution", yet are they really? We would like to offer some guidelines to help you decide if a massage gift certificate is the perfect gift.

    Perfect Gift:
  • Have they expressed interest or curiosity about massage?
  • Do they have a complaint or a pain that could be alleviated with massage.
  • Are they comfortable with touch?
  • Do they make an effort to take care of themselves?
  • Have they made some personal changes this year?
  • Do they deserve to be gifted with nurturing touch?
    Not so Perfect:
  • They really "should" get a massage.
  • They turned down a massage on the cruise last year.
  • If you give it to them they will feel guilty and have to get a massage.
  • They would be more relaxed and feel better after a massage.
  • You are the one who really wants the massage!

Other Notes
We have worked with people who don't like to be touched, this can be a problem. Many of our therapies do not require people to undress, so that is an option for someone who is very shy or modest. We hold very high standards for professionalism at Alchemy Healing Arts, we do our best to help people feel comfortable, safe and welcome. If you really think that someone you love would benefit from bodywork and they are reluctant, feel free to suggest a consultation, and we can explain more and perhaps ease their concerns.

If it is a yes, do feel free to click here and purchase an instant gift certificate for yourself, your loved ones or friends!

You can choose a dollar amount or check "Services" and a list of services and packages will show for your selection. Gift certificates can be emailed, printed or we can mail them for you from our offices.

The recipient can redeem their gift certificate at our office, by making an appointment for the session they would like to receive. Gift Certificates retain their dollar value for 4 years, prices and services may change however.

About the Author

Amelia Mitchell, LMT is a nationally certified and state licensed massage therapist with additional certifications in Lymphedema treatment and Pre-Natal massage. Using Therapeutic Massage and Lymph Drainage Therapy as developed by Bruno Chikly MD, DO of the Upledger Institute, Amelia supports her clients as they shift to enhanced wellness. She specializes in recovery from injuries, trauma and illness. Amelia brings her warm heart and a firm trust that we are all healthy and can feel better to each session. Amelia is a practitioner and owner at Alchemy Healing Arts Center in Annapolis, Maryland.